February 24, 2012

Saving Money on Strollers & Car Seats

The amount of baby gear that you need and/or want for your baby can be overwhelming when you add it all up.  I know this has been very true for my experience so I have been on the lookout to save any way that I can.  Currently I am due in June and still in my "only buy things on sale" mode hunting down items that I need piece by piece.

The #1 tip I have to share with you is ... drum roll please ... BUY OFF SEASON!  You can save so much money by purchasing large products like strollers and car seats off season.  Sometimes designs change, but often it is just the color or pattern that is different from season to season with baby gear.

I discovered this tip while shopping for my nursery furniture in a local baby store.  The clearance table was sitting nearby and next to it was the convertible car seat on my to-buy list.  I went over to check it out to find out that it was indeed the product from my list.  I have been limited in the world of car seats and strollers so I was surprised to see the one convertible seat that I knew would fit on sale.  It was new in the box with plastic and all selling for $80 which is significantly less then the $199.99 retail price or even the current $159.99 sale price on Amazon.  The model was simply being replaced by a new one and had to sell quick so I happily scooped it up.

After that I had my eyes peeled for the other car seat on my list.  I was not able to find it in stores, but I was able to get a good deal online by purchasing the seat in 2010 colors which saved me $70 that can go towards some other gear on my list.

I have found that strollers and car seats seem to be the products where you can find lots of leftovers from seasons past.  A great place to start looking is Google or Amazon and searching for 2010 car seat or 2010 stroller and see what you come up with.  Once you have done the research and know what your looking for if you are willing to tote baby around in an "outdated" color pallet you can save some dough!

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