This blog is about researching my journey to motherhood and all the things I find along the way.

I am currently a photographer, but my first love was history.  I earned my first college degree in history back in 2002, and took away a lifetime love of reading, research, and learning.  Everything I do in life is researched, and having a child is the biggest milestone in my life so far which lead to extra work planning, and researching which will continue into the future as life progresses.

I found myself with journals, and documents full of notes as I discovered all the things involved in becoming a parent, and thought I would create a place to share them with other people out there looking for information.  From that idea this blog was born.

This blog serves as my fun project to share what I find and a colorful bookmark list that I use often to revisit research done in the past.  The bulk of the reviews I do are for products that I just love, and I am not compensated for my opinion.  From time to time I am asked by companies to review a product in return for product or monetary compensation.  Each blog post has a clear disclosure so you know which products I found on my own, and which ones I was presented with along the way.  I am open to discovery, but pick and chose my opportunities based on my own tastes.

Questions, comments or just want to say hello?  The best way to reach me is via email.

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