May 8, 2012

New Baby Checklist

During my pregnancy I have looked at countless new baby checklists.  Each list seems to have its own opinion about what exactly one needs to have on hand before the baby comes home.

I decided to use the New Baby Checklist over at Amazon as the base for my research, and as a tool to build my registry for several practical reasons.  I researched everything -- even the list to base my research on!
  • Comprehensive list with links to products and buyers guides.
  • Multiple reviews on each product help me make final decisions.  In my experience the reviews on Amazon have been honest, and comprehensive.  I like that people take the time to write bad, and good reviews where on other sites it seems like only people with negative experiences take the time to voice an opinion.
  • While I am researching I keep the New Baby Checklist open in one window, and research in another window.  When I make a decision for each category I add products directly to my Amazon Baby Registry.  Set up your registry first so when you find a product you like you can simply use the Add to Registry button on each product page.
  • For items I want to think about or do more research I created a Wish List on Amazon and set it to private so only I can see it.  Remember not to put products you are unsure of on your list because you never know when someone will buy you a gift!
  • Returns & customer service with Amazon are AMAZING.  I have returned multiple items, and always got quick service.  They provide free return shipping with an easy to print label.  I even had one item they told me just to keep since I was such a good customer and gave me a return anyway!
  • If a product you love isn't on Amazon (I had very few of these) you can still add them to your registry for people to purchase so it is really an all in one website for baby!  People can also buy you gifts locally, and mark them as purchased on your registry which makes things flexible.
  • Reasonable quantities are suggested for products like blankets, diapers, and clothing.  
  • Advise is also given for cloth vs. disposable diapers and breastfeeding vs. formula feeding gear.
So there it is, my all in one place where I did the research that turned into my registry, and this blog.  I hope you find this information helpful, and wish you a fun journey shopping for your little one.

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Jan Messali said...

I agree. Amazon reviews are very helpful. I always check them before purchasing anything online.

Brooke Becker said...
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john petter said...

Its look very cute.
Little Twig Bubble Bath

Marthalynn said...

I love shopping Amazon too. I'm expecting my second baby soon and even though I'm an "experienced" mom I still appreciate their registry advice. Their selection is huge! Not to mention our Prime membership makes most shipping free!

Brooke Becker said...

I'm always curious to see what other Moms are using ... I feel like I discover cute new baby things every day!

jamie tucker said...

i like to see what others are doing and where they are getting their info on. not to many new mothers here

Tiffany Dover said...

I LOVE amazon! Didn't start shopping on it until recently...boy was I missing out!

KyLee said...

I loveeee amazon!!!

Rachel Gibson said...

Amazon is the best. I literally haven't bought diapers from anywhere else (except in emergencies) since my little guy was 2 months old. He's now two.

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