February 8, 2012

Mother Shock

I am always on the lookout for candid motherhood and pregnancy books, so Andrea Buchannan's Mother Shock : Loving Every (Other) Minute of It caught my eye the last time I was shopping for books.  The title was catchy, and it is an older book so I grabbed it up cheap used on Amazon.

What I love the most about this book is that it is different then the other books in this genre that I have been reading lately.  It isn't a book about the day to day life of having a baby with tales of crying and dirty diapers.  It is a book about what it means to become a mother.  The book speaks to the feelings involved in giving up one life for another.  It talks about loving motherhood, and missing parts of your former life.  This unique perspective leaves out much of the details of raising a child and focuses instead on the inner monologue of a new mother.

An easy read, this book is insightful to a first time mom, and likely relatable to someone more seasoned.  I enjoyed the candid honesty of the author, and felt like I got a sneak peek into the journey that is ahead of me.

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