February 7, 2012

Healthcare & Grooming

I am a newbie when it comes to babies so it was confusing to chose which health care and grooming needs I wanted to register for.  I want to have a stocked nursery when baby arrives so I started looking at some kits that included multiple items to get me started.  I discovered two kits from Safety 1st that look like they will be the perfect starter sets for my new adventure in motherhood.

First is the Safety 1st Grooming Kit which includes the following 18 items : steady grip nail clippers, newborn cradle cap comb, gentle care brush and comb, 8 emery boards, infant toothbrush/gum stimulator, toddler toothbrush, no-scratch mittens.  

Safety 1st also makes a Health Care Kit which includes : nasal aspirator, easy fill medical syringe, 10 disposible probe covers, bottle medicine dispenser, gentle care toddler toothbrush, digital thermometer with protective case, fingertip gum stimulator, 11 alcohol wipes, & emergency contact card.

In both kits everything is packaged up in a nice case, and the though of not having to buy each of these pieces individually is a huge weight off my mind! 

I don't doubt that there will be some trips for supplies in my future, but these kits are a great start for stocking my nursery.

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