February 9, 2012

Week 23

Everyone seemed to like the pregnancy progress post so I thought I would take the time to write another personal post to add into the mix.

Work has been unusually busy for this time of year.  I am managing to keep up, but it is exhausting and taking away from time that my pregnancy brain wants to spend researching baby gear, reading pregnancy books, and recording it all in this blog to share with you and use as my own personal reference.  The strain of shooting products in the studio after a long day is starting to get to my back, but prenatal yoga helps and I have made it a point to not work any overtime so I am not overdoing it.

The big milestone for this week was attending our first birthing class.  I am taking Birthing From Within, and will write a full review when the classes are complete.  So far I am loving it.  I felt rejuvenated, and educated when the first class was complete, and excited for next weeks lesson.  The only downfall was that my husband and I were hoping to meet more couples at the class since we just moved to the area, and there was only one other couple in our class.  It was good because it made the class intimate, and they were great people but I guess we are going to have to find another activity to meet more locals.

Another big event this week was my Mom sending out the shower invitations for my very small baby shower in March.  My family is tiny, and a plane flight away with my friends scattered all over the country so a big shower was never in the cards for me.  I did really want my Mom and Grandmother to be able to see my pregnant belly so we decided that I would get on a plane and fly up for a shower in March.  It will be tiny, but I am so excited to have a special afternoon to share with a few friends and family members.  With invitations out I need to step up my research for the registry.  I still haven't decided on a breast pump, bottles, or a swing to name a few!

It has been a busy week - we also started to decorate the nursery!  In addition to the crib and dresser that were already assembled we got the curtains, hamper, rug, and changing pad cover.  I found some baskets for diapers to put on a small table we had on sale and they add a cute finishing touch.  It looks so adorable, and I love peeking in as I get to the top of the staircase.  My husband's grandparents also sent the crib mattress so things are really coming together.

I am up to date in the blog with books I have read, and pregnancy fitness videos.  I am working my way through my to-read stack of books, and will hopefully have more to come.  I still have to add some items on my registry, and podcasts to catch up on things I have already researched.  Then it will be time to delve into the items on my list that I have not yet fully discovered.  The good news is that all of the kinks I wanted to work out of the blog template are complete (for now...) so I can focus on posting for awhile.

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You are so organized! Congrats on your pregnancy!

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