January 2, 2012

My Photographic Background

Currently I own a Product Photography studio that I work at full time.  I love my niche, and when my baby comes I won't be switching over to portrait photographer.

With that said I do have experience in the portrait photography field starting with my education at The Hallmark Institute of Photography where I was instructed in the art of portraiture as well as assisting several local photographers.  I continued assisted upon graduation in 2003 in the Washington DC metro area where I gained experience in weddings, portraits, corporate and product photography.

I was soon ready to start shooting on my own again, and the thought of a full time paycheck was quite the temptation so I put my love of product photography on hold and took a position managing a popular portrait studio chain.  I was quickly promoted to training manager and became responsible for many portrait studios in the Maryland towns surrounding Washington DC.  During this time I expanded my knowledge to the niche of photographing children.  I used my new training to train photographers, sales people, and studio managers.

During the summer of 2006 I decided to move to the slower paced beach lifestyle of North Carolina to pursue my dream of shooting products full time.  I started part time with a sales job on the side using the skills I learned from the portrait studio trade, and in late 2009 I was pursue my studio full time.  Currently at Brooke Photo Studio I photograph product and stock photography full time.  I love having my own studio, but it was the journey that got me to where I am.

With this project I would like to share some hints, tips and tricks that I learned from my years in the portrait industry that will aid you in working with a professional photographer as well as taking snap shots with your own camera.  Just don't ask me to photograph your children -- I left that part behind years ago.  On the other hand if you have a product that you need photographed get in touch!

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