January 4, 2012

My Perfect Stroller

So it turns out that the perfect stroller for me is not the same as the one I initially wanted.  I drive a Mini Cooper so above all else size was going to be a huge factor.  So I changed the way I was researching strollers from shopping in stores to scouring the web and seeing what other Mini Cooper Mothers used and loved.  Through this line of inquiry I discovered the Quinny Zapp Xtra and quickly fell in love.

First of all this stroller is very compact.  The seat is removable and folds separate from the rest of the stroller allowing for easy travel.  This will be perfect for my trunk - I will even be able to fit some groceries in the car with the stroller, car seat and baby!

This stroller also has 5 positions which quickly became a selling point to me.  There is the traditional forward facing position, a forward tilt, a flat position for infants, and then you can also turn the seat around for two positions facing the person pushing the stroller.  I didn't know this was an option before this stroller, and am loving the thought of having my child face me so we can interact instead of the more traditional facing outward into the world position.  I also like the benefit of the flat position for when the baby is an infant.

It works with the Maxi Cosi Micro car seat if I want to use the stroller as a travel system - which I will review in a future post.  The important point to make here is that this car seat will fit comfortably in my small car making this a good match for my lifestyle.

After researching the stroller I went to a not so local baby store about an hour and a half away to see it in person.  I was just as impressed in person, and added it to my registry.  The only downside is that I want the brown version which is only available online, but at 30.4lbs shipping shouldn't be too costly.

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