January 2, 2012

I'm Pregnant! Now What Do I Eat?

When I found out I was expecting one of the first things I did was review what I should be eating.  I already had a healthy lifestyle, but there are so many recommendations for what you should and should not eat that I wanted to get a review right away.

The book I'm Pregnant! Now What Do I Eat? by Hope Ricciotti was the perfect starting point for me.  It addresses all those eat this and not that questions about foods like sushi, lunch meat, and peanuts as well as giving plenty of recommendations for what you should be eating on a regular basis for a healthy pregnancy.

As a person who is used to calorie counting I knew I would have a hard time mentally with eating healthy, but still watching the weight pile on.  Reading this book quelled my fears of becoming a person who goes from working out daily to eating a box of cookies on the couch.  I learned that although you are "eating for two" that does not mean consuming double the calories.

I have found that during my pregnancy I have experienced some food aversions, but overall making healthier choices has helped me to feel better so far throughout my journey.  As I write this I am in my second trimester and the nausea has passed, and hunger has set in.   For me the best thing about eating healthy right now is that I can consume many different foods without going overboard on calories.  Splurging on piles of fresh fruit goes a lot farther then sweets or fast food.

This book also includes some fantastic recipes.  I am not much of a cook (I leave that up to my husband!) so have tended to be more of a snack eater during this pregnancy, but if you have a talent in the kitchen these recipes look delicious!

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