January 9, 2012

Meet Up

They say "It takes a village ..." so I decided to check out the popular website Meet Up to see what kinds of groups involving motherhood were available in my area.

The basis of the website is that people create groups based on similar interests such as motherhood, rock climbing, dinner parties, etc ... and then people who visit the site can join groups in their area to meet new people.  It brings something personal to the internet.

I did find a Mom's group in my area, which seems to be the only one going on as far as I can tell from my other research.  I haven't joined yet, but I have plans to when I am farther along in my pregnancy. I feel a little shy about popping into a meeting right now since the baby has yet to enter the world!

Joining a Mom's group has been on my to-do list from the beginning not only for me to be able to meet and learn from other Mothers, but also for my child to learn how to play well with other children.  I made contact with the group, and will write an update when I get to a meeting!

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