January 10, 2012

Baby Center

Baby Center is one of my favorite communities for learning more about pregnancy and motherhood.

This website is overflowing with information from how to chose a baby name to calendars to predict ovulation and pregnancy due dates.  It has all the basics like articles, and a forum, but what I enjoy most about this website is the blog.  The Mominformation blog over at Baby Center has a wide variety of candid articles from real Mom's.  I enjoy the opinion based articles, and pop over to the site from time to time to see what is new.  They do also have giveaways which I rarely find time to enter, but if you are seeking out some to enter this is a great website to add to your list.

The forum on Baby Center is very active, and a great way to connect with other Mom's and Mom's to be.  They have specific groups you can join such as Birth Clubs, Stay at Home Mom, First Time Mom, etc to customize your experience.  When you visit each club you will automatically see all of the latest chatter.  I find this forum really useful if you want a quick answer to something that is on your mind.  The constant activity allows for a variety of people to answer your post.  The only downfall to constant activity is that it is hard to keep up with.

This website is a great resource for pregnant women, women trying to conceive and  is even still useful into childhood.

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Beth Larsons said...

I also love Babycenter. I found Babycenter when I was pregnant, with my now five year old! The site still comes in handy, and I use it for my two year old, also. The groups are my favorite part, because I can connect one on one with others.

Brooke said...

Thanks Beth for stopping by! It is good to hear that you still use Baby Center. I find it to be a valuable resource for questions as they pop into my mind, and will likely still be dropping in on it years later as well.

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