January 9, 2012

The Bump

I used The Knot when I got married so one of the first baby communities I checked out when I found out that I was expecting was The Bump.

I noticed the familiar articles and checklists on the website so I joined up.  If you already have an account with The Knot it transfers right over to The Bump.

Since the information on these websites tends to be basic what I was really looking for was activity on the forums to try and connect with some local pregnant women in my area.  This is the only forum so far where I found some activity in my area so I am hoping to connect with some people in the future.  I was also able to connect personally with a few people due on the same day that I am via email which has been really fun so far.  It is fantastic to have someone to talk to about pregnancy who is at the exact same stage I am and I hear how their research into motherhood is going.  The forums are active, and have many categories of topics.  If you have a question or just want to participate in the discussion it is a fun place to go.  The downside to the forums is the way they are set up.  It is not as user friendly as some more modern forums as far as the order the posts come up in, reviewing unread posts, etc.

Another part of the site that I have taken advantage of is the Baby Website feature.  I haven't sent it out to family and friends yet, but since I don't live locally to the people I want to keep updated about my pregnancy this is the perfect feature for me to share photos, and information.  I also put up a link to my registry which has been great for sharing with friends to get opinions about the products I have chosen so far.

I was disappointed in the Local Services section for my area, but lucky for me there is always Google for tracking things like that down.

I make a visit to this community about once a week to check up on the forums and read some articles.  I am on their mailing list to get weekly emails about my pregnancy which also have links to articles that I read depending on the topic.  It is one of my favorites so far.

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Jen Lindley said...

Both of these websites have clever names and a myriad of useful tools and checklists. I am particularly surprised by how fun and informative "The Bump" is. Thanks for sharing!

Brooke said...

It is a very cute website!

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