May 4, 2012

The Car Seat Lady

As a new parent I have scoured the web for information on car seats to make sure I was making the right choice for my child.  I wanted to share with you one of the resources that I found : The Car Seat Lady.  This website is a simple comprehensive resource for new and experienced parents alike to learn about car seat safety, and keep up to date as the laws evolve.

I especially enjoyed the section on rear facing car seats, and was pleased with the vast amount of information.  This website is full of useful articles, and I think eventually I will read just about all of them.  Each article is useful and to the point.  The website includes information not only about car seats in your car, but also in airplanes, buses, and taxis which is great for travelers.

Another useful section has articles on the LATCH system which is found in most newer vehicles on the market in the USA.  It answered some questions that were floating in my mind as well as teaching me a few new things along the way.

This website is on my bookmark list, and should prove useful during the time I have my child in a car seat.  If you have any other car seat safety resources you'd like to share please feel free to leave the links in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, The Car Seat Lady is the excellent website! I have seen a lot of useful information there. But I haven't found the superhero car seat for my boy. You used such carseat?

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