April 5, 2012

31 Week Update

Here I am with another weekly pregnancy update!  The third trimester is turning out to be an interesting one, and I am so excited for baby to arrive.

The first highlight of the week has to be the chiropractor.  There are many benefits to chiropractic care which I will need to blog about someday soon, but for me there has been one really big one.  I have had rib pain on my left side since about week #12 that no one has been able to pinpoint.  It has settled in just about everyday in the late afternoon, lasting until bedtime.  It got so annoying, but regular that I started calling it "my thing" and dreading its daily arrival.

It was recommended by my midwife to visit a chiropractor for general pregnancy health around week 28 so on week 29 I made my first visit.  The chiropractor knew exactly what was causing my pain and went ahead to fix it.  By week 30 the pain was minimal, and by this week it was gone!  I am so excited to be able to go through my days without this annoying pain.  I will be back in 2 weeks to continue to keep my pelvis in alignment - which will hopefully shorten my labor and keep an eye on baby to make sure it stays head down.

My second excitement for the week is birthing class #2.  We enjoyed the first birthing class so much that my husband and I decided to take another one.  This class is more practical then the first as far as general information like breastfeeding & baby wearing, but not as heavy on pain management techniques.  I think the two classes compliment each other and am glad we decided to take both.  I also really enjoy the time out with my husband, and find that I love him more and more with each session.

So all is well.  I am more tired then I was in the weeks prior so I have cut back a little on my workout routines, but I am still doing my best to keep my fitness in line for baby's arrival.  I won't say that I am not pudgy, and puffy - but I will say that I can't imagine what I would look and feel like if I hadn't done anything but sit on the couch and eat!

The excitement continues - I will be back with another update next week!

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Jenelle said...

Newest follower from the blog hop. Love the picture, my daughter had those same pants when she was a baby...lol. I am now following you on linky friends and "liked" your FB page.

Have a wonderful day!

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Brooke Becker said...

Jenelle - Thanks for stopping by! I am on my way over to visit your blog as well.

Jenny said...

Following you back :) Thanks for linking up with Favorite Thing. So glad everything is going well in your pregnancy :) I could never work out because I was always so sick my entire pregnancy...maybe next time lol. Thanks for joining me!

Brooke Becker said...

Thanks Jenny!

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