April 6, 2012

Handmade : Ecoleeko

Welcome to the first installment of Handmade Friday at Blueberry Squash!  Learn more about Handmade Friday, and how to get involved at this blog post. This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Sue from Ecoleeko about her line of organic childrens toys, and it is my pleasure to share the interview with you.  

Brooke: Your childrens toys are awfully cute!  Why are organic toys great for infants?  

Sue: Thanks so much! Organic and natural toys are safe for young ones. They are thoughtfully made with all natural materials, using no petroleum based plastic parts that may contain chemicals that aren't child friendly such as BPA and phthalates. These have been shown to be possible endocrine or hormone disruptors in children.
Brooke: Your toys are also eco-friendly.  What kinds of materials do you use, and how are they good for the earth?  

Sue: I try to use a variety of natural materials, from the fabrics and fillings to the sewing thread and hang tags. I fill all my dolls with all natural kapok fiber filling, buckwheat hulls and walnut shells and double stitch all items with organic cotton thread. I use organic cotton fabrics such as sherpa, fleece, corduroy and terrycloth and use bamboo fleece in all my toys. I also use all recycled materials in my packaging and tagging.

As opposed to regular cotton fabrics that are grown with chemicals, materials such as organic cotton are grown with no pesticides or herbicides, so they are safer for your children and the environment. And Since all Ecoleeko toys are made with natural materials, they can biodegrade naturally in time, unlike polyester dolls and plastic toys that end up staying in landfills. You can read more about my materials and the environment at-
Brooke: The colors and designs you chose are simply gorgeous. What are your favorite color combinations?
Sue: All my fabric is hand dyed and printed in my studio. My personal favorite is the lime polkadot with bright colors. The polkadots are fun on any item and the bright colors are great unisex colors for all infants and kids.

Brooke: I saw in your shop that you offer a Baby Registry - how does that work?

Sue: Yes, I have an easy baby registry on my website. Any new mommy or daddy to be can create a small or large registry with my website. All they need to do is email me and let me know which Items they would like. I then set up their own special web page with their desired items and a checkout format for their guests to buy from. Once an item is sold, It is noted so noone else rebuys it. They are given a link to the page to give out to their shower guests. I can also send cards to include in their invitations if desired. For more information, you can visit my registry page at- http://www.ecoleeko.com/registry.htm

Brooke: If someone were looking for the perfect baby shower gift in your shop, which product would you recommend?

Sue: Oh, that's a hard question, as everyone is so different in what they like. The Ellybo elephant doll is a lovely snuggly favorite and the seahorse rattle is a great small gift for an infant, that has many ways to play with it; like the colorful tabs to chew, the tactile fabrics to touch and the bells with the buckwheat hull crunchy tail for sound.

Are your childrens products washable?  Should we keep any safety concerns in mind?

Sue: Yes, all the items are washable. I recommend hand washing first for light soiling, then if needed, machine washing delicate on cold and tumble dry low. I do hand make the items and use a natural filling that may need fluffing so extra care should be taken when washing. For more care specifics, please visit- http://www.ecoleeko.com/care.htm

All my items have hand embroidered faces and no plastic parts so there is no safety concerns with swallowing any items. The dolls do have walnut shells inside the arms and legs for weight, so any parent with a child who has a tree nut allergy should be advised. All dolls can be custom made with no walnut shells if desired. As with any toy, no toys should be used in a crib or left with a small infant unattended.

Brooke: When you are not making toys, what are your other interests?

Sue: Well, now with a 9 month old, my interests have been making baby clothes out of recycled clothes and decorating his room with DIY projects, But usually I can be found making all types of crafts and other art pieces like art dolls and art quilts in my studio. I also do organic gardening, love to thrift store shop, buy handmade on Etsy.com, spend time with my husband and take care of chickens and two dogs, read when I get the rare chance and bake anything sweet.

Where can we find your shop, and connect with you on the web?
You can find me at my Etsy shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ecoleeko
On my website   http://www.ecoleeko.com/index.htm
Read my blog and sign up for my newsletter  http://ecoleeko.blogspot.com/
See what I love at Pinterest   http://pinterest.com/ecoleeko/
Like me at facebook   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ecoleeko/44966611231
And tweet with me on Twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/Ecoleeko

I also can be found at my local farmers market during the summer in Hamilton, NY and in Brick and mortar shops in states listed on my website retailers page. (
http://www.ecoleeko.com/retailers.htm )

Brooke: Thank you so much for sharing your products, and creative spirit with our readers!

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* I was not compensated in any way to review this company.  Images courtesy of  Ecoleeko.


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Super cute!

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Brooke Becker said...

I know -- I just love these toys :)

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thank you so much for your kind words on my post! happy to have found your blog! these toys are adorable! so colorful, unique and safe! thank you for sharing.
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Thanks Maria! I love these sweet toys.

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