August 28, 2012

Fluffy Wonderful Organic Cotton Hats!

There is nothing better then soft organic cotton on a sweet baby.  With so many options to chose from I lean towards the realm of the handmade, and the talented Heather Meagher of Feathermar is one of my absolute favorite craftspeople with a knack for knitting.

Simple, soft and utterly delightful I slip one of the two of her hats in Molly's wardrobe over her adorable head frequently.  Unlike the commercially made hats we have tried, the softness of Feathermar's hats ensures a tear free hat wearing experience which means a lot to me as a new mother.

Another feature that I adore about these hats is the sizing.  With so many baby products I feel like I barely get a chance to use them before Molly has grown into the next size.  The hats are made for a 0-3 month old baby, but at 3.5 months they still look cute on Molly and have some stretch so I am going to keep them in my rotation as long as I can.

Moving my mind away from the cute to the practical aspects of this hat I must mention that it is made with organic cotton.  Cotton is one of those fabrics that is so much a part of an American wardrobe experience, but is also grown using many harsh pesticides.  For sweet, pure baby skin I prefer to buy organic cotton when I can to limit Molly's exposure to all those chemicals.

Being a photographer I can't help but look at these sweet hats as a prop option for newborn photography.  Their simplicity allows them to be perfect for a variety of photo shoot ideas, a perfect prop to be used again and again.

On top of all this goodness, Feathermar is amazingly affordable at just $10 for one hat or $18 for two!  You can buy them directly from their shop, or for a limited time enter to win a pair of hats in your choice of colors below.  You can also get 10% off with code ORGANICBABY for the month of September in the shop so pop on over and take a look!

Find Feathermar on Etsy, Facebook & their Blog.

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* I was provided with 2 free hats from Feathermar in exchange for this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255. Images copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio.


Linda Walters said...

The hats are real cute and so colorful. I wouldn't mind wearing one myself on cold days.

Lucy Black said...

Wonderful hats!

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