April 27, 2012

Let the Baby Drive

I really enjoy stories from mothers about how events unfolded when baby was brought home, and what choices they made in the arena of how to raise their child.  The more and more research I do I am discovering that motherhood is really a lifestyle choice.  It is about the choices you make for yourself, and the choices that you make for your children.  There are many ways to raise a child, and I enjoy reading about them all.

I found the book Let the Baby Drive by Lu Hanessian when browsing through baby books on Amazon.  I often browse titles online just like in a bookstore and look for something that catches my eye.  I ended up with a used copy at a great deal that turned out to be an old library copy when it arrived.  At first I thought maybe I should have sprung for the new copy, but the worn pages grew on me as I read the book and I wondered about all the other people who read the same words on the same pages that I was.

The book is Hanessian's story of moving from high powered career woman into motherhood.  She speaks with an honest candor about bringing her first child home, and then later in the book her second.  She receives advise from many sources as most mothers do, and in the end decides to push the bulk of it aside and "Let the baby drive." The book is all about where her intuition took her on the adventure that is motherhood.

The book is humorous, thoughtful and an overall enjoyable read.  It is a comforting and eye opening thought to trust your intuition for new parents who are buried in books and advise.  It is not your average parenting book, and would make a thoughtful addition to your reading list for new and old parents alike. 

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