April 19, 2012

33 Weeks & A Farm Share

The highlight of my 33rd week of pregnancy is the farm share that I signed up for spring!  On Tuesday I picked up a box of fresh fruits and vegetables for baby and I to enjoy and was head over heels for the freshness and surprise of contents.  Another bonus is that I now have a supply of fresh, local, produce for photography shoots and I slow down my client work in preparation for the baby.

Since my registry was emptied by my loving Mother I took some time to stick some toddler and childproofing items on there in case there are any stragglers who wanted to send something for baby.  I feel so good about having everything we need to get started.  The nursery is cute, and organized on an extreme level that both my husband and I enjoy.  Last weekend we grabbed a cute cabinet for $15 from Craig's List that solved some storage dilemmas, and this week the toy box was delivered so all the nursery needs now is some art!

I feel good still, my only complaint is fat ankles but that's not so bad - just not so cute either!  I will be back to report next week on week #34.  Not to far to go now ...

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Jenny said...

Yay for 33 weeks :) So happy your feeling good. Keep those feet up my friend...I was a huge ball of water weight at the ends of my pregnancies! Sounds like you have everything ready! Thanks for sharing on Favorite Thing.

Brooke Becker said...

It's so hard to keep the feet up - there is so much I want to do!

Jessica said...

Following you from Mom Monday Blog Hop... a few days late but I'm going around to all the awesome blogs and checking them out.

We had a farm share a couple years ago and I loved it! We got so many wonderful things and got to try out produce that we'd never had before. It is very much worth it.

Brooke Becker said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am loving all the new recipes and produce as well :)

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