March 12, 2012

Sprout Shell Car Seat Cover & More

I love the Sprout Shell, and have had it on my must buy list since early on in my pregnancy.  In my search for gear that can be used for more then one purpose this one is one of my favorites.  Why buy (and carry around!) 3 products when I can get all the benefits out of this one?

The first use is as a car seat cover.  The Sprout Shell wraps around your infant seat to keep out the sun, rain, wind or cold with an open hole in the top so you can still view baby while they are covered up.  I can also see myself using this product to hide baby from germ filled strangers while out and about shopping with the infant seat in my shopping cart.

The next use is my favorite.  You can take the cover off the car seat, put your head through the hole and use it as a nursing cover to have some privacy while your baby gets a meal in public.  Since the cover goes around your entire body you don't have to worry about it falling out of place while you nurse your baby.

As baby grows the usefulness of this product changes.  The first tow uses are primarily for infants, but once baby starts sitting up there are two more useful ways to make the most out of the Sprout Shell.  Place the Sprout Shell in a shopping cart or restaurant high chair to protect baby and toddler from germs.  I combine these two uses into one because most products that do one will work for the other.

I love that this product will grow from infant to baby to toddler, and the simplicity of only having to buy one piece of gear for many uses.  I have a plan to get one with the Swagbucks that I have been saving in the very near future.

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