March 29, 2012

Pregnancy Tea

Tea drinking during pregnancy can be tricky - it seemed like every tea that I looked up had some warning about consuming while you are expecting.  Not wanting to take any chances I decided to purchase some pregnancy tea and see how I liked it. 

I ended up with Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Tea which is safe to use before, during, and after pregnancy.  The main flavors are lemon balm, camomile, oak straw, red raspberry leaf, and orange pee.  It has a delightfully sweet lemon flavor that I sometimes put a tad of sugar in when I drink it, but often just drink just as it is brewed. 

I found the tea to be so enjoyable that I started making an iced tea version and drinking it daily.  There are several ways to make iced tea from regular tea bags, but I stick with the simple one.  I put 2 tea bags into a small pitcher of warm water and let sit by a sunny window for several hours.  Then I just put it in the fridge to cool and voila - iced tea!  Disclaimer - I like my tea weak so if you like a stronger brew you will need to use more then 2 tea bags to create the desired effect. 

The tea and iced tea has been a welcome change from my water routine.  Next I plan on trying some 3rd Trimester Tea - but not until I get the go ahead from my midwife.  I will let you know how it compares when I give it a try.

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