March 26, 2012

30 Weeks - Baby Shower Report!

I had my baby shower a week ago, and have to report that it was an AMAZING experience!  It was a small gathering of 20 people due to my small family, and friends all over the world with a huge outpouring of support that I will never forget.  I was blown away that everyone came out with beautiful baby gifts, and the sweetest most sincere sentiments in their cards.

Let's start at the beginning.  I had a morning flight up north on Saturday.  My husband had to drop me off early due to his work schedule so I had breakfast at the airport, and due to my pregnancy bladder visited the restroom 4 times before boarding the plane.  I adventured my way through 2 short flights with 4 more bathroom breaks including a short run with my big belly and little backpack at BWI airport.  I read an entire parenting book (check out the review here) and the overall experience was very relaxing.

When I landed I was greeted by my parents and whisked off to a delicious seafood lunch of clam chowder and rainbow trout.  I spent the rest of the day catching up with my parents and grandparents which is always a great time since I don't get up to see them very often.

The shower was on Sunday.  My Mom & Grandmother planned it at a favorite old colonial style restaurant, and it was attended by my tiny family, my parents friends, and a selection of my friends still living close to home.  I don't often get to see friends on my hectic trips home so they were the highlight of the day.  I had one friend that I have known since kindergarten, three that I met in the 3rd grade, and one from college.  I sat all of us right in the middle so I could have as much girl talk as possible.

We decorated onesies which I have to say is my new favorite shower activity.  I was impressed by the artistic skill of my family and friends and had to laugh at a few of the results.  They are in my washing machine as we speak and will make for some fun modeling and useful wardrobe when baby arrives.  My Mom bought onesies all the way up to 24 months so some people will need to wait longer then others to see the results of their artwork.  There was lots of good conversation during the process, and it gave time to pass around our baby guessing pool, and guess sheet for two jars full of candy.

Then we had fruit, salad, lunch and dessert followed by the opening of the gifts.  I asked for everything to be travel friendly so it wasn't painfully long due to the gift cards I received.  From the registry I got my diaper bag, some cloth diapering supplies, and the BebePod Flex which is adorable!  I was also able to buy the two Boba Baby Carriers, Newborn Diaper Pack after the shower with my gift cards and tons of little stuff.  Between the shower and gifts we received at the house I am down to 20 items on my want list and all the big ticket purchases are finished!  I am so happy that we have the bulk of our spending to prepare for baby finished.

After the gifts my Mom had prizes for guessing the correct number of beans in the jar and we played the string game where people guess how big my belly is.  There was lots of laughter and chatter.  The shower was short and sweet, followed by some drinks (fake ones for me!) outside on an unseasonably warm day with a few people who had time to stay longer.  It was the most wonderful day, and well worth the flight and weekend trip.

I spent Monday with my parents, and then was back on the plane Tuesday morning.  A memorable and fun weekend.  Now on to busy time ... more birthing classes, extra doctors appointments, chiropractor, breastfeeding classes, and the list goes on!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Sounds like you received much needed things! :) New follower from Monday Mingle!

Brooke Becker said...

Thanks! It was AMAZING. I am lucky to have old friends and family.

Jessica said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your baby shower. Congrats!!

I think this is my first visit to your blog, I welcome your visit to my blog to say hello and to become a follower if you aren't one already, you can find my blog at

Have a blessed day!

Brooke Becker said...

@Jessica - Thanks for visiting! I will pop on over to check out your blog.

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