February 18, 2012

Your Baby's First Year Week by Week

I picked up Your Baby's First Year Week by Week at a bookstore a few weeks ago.  Although this book can be used simply as a refrence I decided to read it all the way through to give me an idea what to expect for baby's development.

This book is just the basics in condensed form.  It speaks about development, and problems that might arise along the way with the same format in each chapter.  Although it is a little dry, I think it will prove to be quite useful when baby arrives.  After finishing the book I think it will serve me best to re-read it after baby arrives, and starts to grow.  Reading a week or two ahead will keep fresh in my mind what to expect developmentally, and I can put the fun games to play with baby suggestions at the end of each chapter to practical use.

An important thing to note about this book is that there is also a portion of each chapter developed to babies born prematurely.  This information will prove to be useful for parents of premature babies, and is more comprehensive then I have seen on other books.

This book is best served as a reference manual for the basics, and inspiration for further research on areas that interest you.  You can check out the other books I have read and reviewed here.  I am also always up for recommendations so chime in if you have one!

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