February 19, 2012

Johnson's Naturals

As a new parent we all need to make choices about what types of products we will use with our children.  Will you dress your child in organic cotton?  Use cloth diapers?  Buy eco-friendly toys? 

My lifestyle involves being as green as I can be, but still keeping within a reasonable budget.  I spring for organic milk and chicken while I often buy produce based on what my local grocery store has fresh instead of organic.  My baby will have an organic cotton crib, but will be dressed in a mixture of fabrics.

When it comes to bath items I think that Johnson's Naturals are a nice compromise between the all natural organic products I would like to use on baby, and what will be a more reasonable option for my budget.  They are also easy to grab in many local spots.

This line of products is 98% natural and paraben free.  From the Johnson Baby website :
All our natural ingredients come from a mineral, plant or fruit-based source—not from an animal or petroleum source. All ingredients in personal care products are processed to some degree, both for safety and for suitability of use in product formulations. The natural ingredients in our JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® product line originate from mineral, plant and fruit sources that are then combined to produce our gentle, clinically proven mild products.
So this product is not the best, or most natural one out there but it is a step in the right direction.  I see it as a modern take on a classic product.  I have several of the gift sets on my wish list, and have already received one for my baby stash. 

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