January 6, 2012


While I work I enjoy having a podcast on in the background, and ever since I discovered Pregtastic it has been on the top of my list.

Pregtastic is a talk show with a panel of pregnant women who share their stories as well as ups and downs of pregnancy.  It is so much less generic then the general pregnancy websites out there because the stories are so personal.  It was refreshing to hear women talk frankly about their symptoms, and have given me an idea of what to expect along the way.

The podcasts are often supplemented with experts covering all areas of pregnancy and has led to my discovery of many books, websites and products.  I find that the casual nature of the podcast leads to interesting questions during the interviews, setting them apart from other reviews that I have come accross.

You can find the podcasts on iTunes or through the Pregtastic website.  I use iTunes and downloaded all the past episodes which are keeping me quite busy so far.  There is also a forum on their website, but when I applied to be a poster I never heard back so that was a disappointment -- I wanted to get in on the conversation too!

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Peggy Kindle said...

Isn't it awesome the amount of helpful support that can be found online these days? There has never been a better time to be pregnant.

Brooke said...

Your right Peggy! The support out there is endless.

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