January 4, 2012

Frankly Pregnant

Frankly Pregnant : A Candid Week by Week Guide to the Unexpected Joys, Raging Hormones, and Common Experiences of Pregnancy by Stacy Querty was the first book I pulled off the shelf at the lending library in my birthing center when I went on my first appointment.  I was finding What to Expect When You are Expecting a little bland and generic so the promise of some candid conversation about pregnancy peaked my interest.

This book made me laugh, and it worried me from time to time wondering if I would experience the same symptoms as the author as my pregnancy progressed.  My husband read a chunk of it and thought it was a little over dramatic, but I liked the tone of the book and found it humorous.  Throughout my pregnancy I have often found myself thinking I was crazy because of a symptom, and this book put my mind at ease.  So far I at least don't have it as bad as the author does!

This is a great book to read early on in your pregnancy.  It is a week by week journey of not only symptoms, but the fathers reactions as well.  It is a tell it like it is tale that I would recommend to any friend upon finding out they are expecting.

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