January 24, 2012

Baby Room Decor

People keep asking so before anyone decides for me and buys a set I decided to pick out some nursery decor items.  I am skipping the big set in favor for purchasing the valance, hamper, and some smaller items.  I will also be making some art prints for the walls myself.  I didn't love anything I saw in the stores so I did my shopping via Amazon, and finally came up with a set for a girl, and a set for a boy.
I knew I wanted elephants in the room, and liked the green set by Carters right away.  It could almost go for a boy or girl, but I wanted something a bit more girly for my female choice.  I kept searching for Carters Elephant, and Elephant, with no luck.  There was a purple set that I liked, but the valance was boring so I just wasn't sold.  I didn't initially want pink, but when I saw the Carters Safari Brights set I really loved the hot pink and lime green combination.  Out of the others I had open on the computer screen my husband liked the pink as well so decisions were made!

If you have a link to your nursery set or a photo of your nursery please do share in the comments.

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Ms POSH said...

Love the cribs!
I'm stopping by from the Tuesday Hop.
Have a great day!

Brooke Becker said...

Thanks Posh! I will check out your blog.

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