January 1, 2012

Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout

This is my absolute favorite pregnancy workout video.  I have been using it since my first trimester, and plan on trying her other workout after the baby is born.

The video includes workouts for each trimester.  There is a regular version that I like to do which runs about 50 minutes, and a shorter express workout for those days when you don't have as much time.  I try to do this video 2-3x a week on alternating days since the focus is on toning.

What I really like about this workout is that it was a challenge my first time through.  This is my first pregnancy so I am concerned with not over doing it when it comes to working out so doing prenatal fitness videos makes me feel confident that even though I am getting a good workout it is safe for the baby.  Before pregnancy I focused mainly on cardiovascular workouts so to switch to a workout like this which has more of a focus on toning arms and legs was a big change for me.

As I am writing this post I just finished this workout, and have done it 5x in the past two weeks on alternating weekdays.  I can actually feel my arms gaining some muscle tone so I am really happy with the results.  Being pregnant changed my whole view on working out because all of a sudden I was more focused on health then weigh loss or maintenance.  After the baby comes I am going to make it a point to keep toning in my routine, because I really enjoy how it makes my body feel.

Before you try this video you do need a resistance band and a good stack of pillows to prop yourself up on an angle for floor work in the second and third trimester.  Summer Sanders is coached in this video by her sister-in-law, and both of these women have bubbly, but not annoying personalities.  I really enjoyed the personal feeling of the video which made it seem like I had a fitness coach in my living room.

With this or any workout make sure to check with your doctor or midwife before getting started on a routine.

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